Food as Medicine Summit: Chicago

Food as Medicine Summit: Chicago

May 25 - 26 2022 | Online & In-Person | Chicago, IL & CDT

Facilitating key commercial, scientific, and collaboration conversations for F&B and Healthcare



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Food as Medicine encompasses some of the fastest growing terms in healthcare and Food & Beverage, including functional foods, “Better-for-You”, culinary medicine and personalized nutrition. This Summit provides a meeting point to tackle the key business and ecosystem obstacles we need to overcome to embed Food as Medicine across both industries.


Accelerate your knowledge of Food as Medicine with an end-to-end learning experience, covering everything from definitions, reimbursement & research, clinical trials and evidence, consumer perception and behaviour, partnerships, scale, routes to market and much much more.


This learning and networking opportunity is designed with food companies, CPGs, payers and providers in mind. Bringing you up to speed with the latest research plus discussion-based fact-finding and solution-sharing, this Summit offers you the chance to meet the industry experts and solution providers, the trailblazers across F&B and healthcare plus innovative newcomers in the field.

“These forums are vital. We have very big challenges to address and overcome, and I am looking forward to a robust, respectful exchange of ideas.”

Antonio Tataranni, CMO, PepsiCo

“I am looking forward to participating and hearing how companies and organizations are addressing this critical topic. No one organization can act alone, but rather with our collective efforts we can start to create real change for the improvement of public health.”

Joy Dubost, Head of Nutrition & Health, North America, Unilever

“Let food be thy medicine – not a new concept but now we can identify superfoods or foods to avoid based on the molecular analysis of an individual’s body. I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts on the latest science with the Food as Medicine community so we can advance this space using evidence-based science as a foundation.”

Naveen Jain, Founder & CEO, Viome

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Our Mission

The Food as Medicine Summit is designed to bring together the stakeholders of the Food as Medicine sector, to advance conversations, drive commercialization,  foster collaborations, share advances and ultimately improve the health of the population.


Food as Medicine is simultaneously one of the biggest challenges and greatest opportunities faced by the healthcare and F&B industries in modern times. However, awareness, acceptance and action are still dramatically holding back our ability to truly embed Food as Medicine in the food and health systems on a national and global level.


The Food as Medicine Summit: Chicago is an opportunity for the key stakeholders from these industries to tackle this vitally important topic as one. Addressing the key business and ecosystem obstacles such as definitions, partnerships, reimbursement, funding, consumer behavior and education and routes to market, this meeting will bring together the leading CPGs, payers and providers from across the US, plus innovative food companies, researchers, investors, and community-based organizations to learn together and from each other.  


Catalyzing the crucial conversations that will accelerate Food as Medicine into the mainstream for F&B and healthcare, we’re here to help you cut through the noise and learn facts, opinions and solutions from the sources that matter.

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Our Mission


With an event designed to answer the most burning questions in Food as Medicine, it is essential that we provide our audience with the leading experts and best solutions. With a vetted audience made up of senior-level executives from across top CPGs, large and small brands, payers and providers, the Food as Medicine Summit: Chicago offers a fantastic opportunity to connect with your newest and long-standing clients and position your company as the partner of choice with the leading thinkers in Food & Beverage and healthcare.

If you believe your business will add value for our audience, please contact our commercial manager, Oscar Suchodolski ( to discuss opportunities for involvement at the Summit.

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