Food as Medicine Summit

Food as Medicine Summit

May 15-16th, 2024 | Chicago, IL

Moving from research to action: partnerships and scaling Food as Medicine

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2024 Partners

Knowledge Partner
Knowledge Partner

Sifter SP, Inc. technology makes delivery of healthy eating programs easy by matching evidence-based dietary guidance to products that match personalized needs. Sifter’s Nutrition as a Service™ includes an API toolbox that allows retailers, CPGs and health/fitness/recipe providers to offer their customers a product discovery experience that delivers on the growing food as medicine trend.

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Knowledge Partner

Payments should be digital. Digital meets people where they are: on their phones. Digital is instant. It’s efficient. It’s convenient. It can be filtered to specific products and services. Digital engages. Digital matches individuals with their transactions and behaviors.

IQPay is leading the digital payment future with digital payments unlike anything you’ve seen.

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Our massively transformative purpose is to make optimizing your health with precision nourishment a simple and achievable reality for all of us. You are unique, and we believe in your optimized best. We happily provide you with the nourishment that’s 100% inspired by you and meets your body’s needs. Precision Nourishment is a journey and a promise that’s within reach with Youtopia.

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KEEN Growth Capital identifies food, beverage and wellness companies with great potential started by revolutionary-thinking, passionate entrepreneurs. We apply our trusted skill and passion to develop them into highly successful and respected companies.

Infusion of intellectual and financial capital delivers positive outcomes for stakeholders – and ultimately the consumer. Our investors benefit from outstanding returns and society is enriched by healthier products.

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Our mission is to empower people to live life to the fullest. Performance Kitchen provides the next generation of chronic disease management through healthy medically tailored meals, paid for by insurance and delivered directly to your home. We are focused on great taste, convenience, and nutrition through our wide variety of culturally inspired meals. Our team of chefs, doctors and registered dietitians develop a variety of ready-made meals with real, wholesome, clean ingredients. We are leading the Food is Medicine® movement with various health care payors and providers who are offering to pay for meals for their members to address chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and renal disease.


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Expert Speaker Faculty

The Food as Medicine Summit provides a platform for senior executives driving innovation from across healthcare and the food and beverage industry to share their insights and experience. This industry-led conference provides an opportunity for you to learn from and connect with advocates and experts to catalyze your own Food as Medicine journey.

Action Focused Discussions

Blending multi-stakeholder, action-focused panel discussions and case studies on stage with focused breakout sessions with the audience and speaker faculty, this Summit will dive into what actions we can take individually and collectively to accelerate Food as Medicine.

Multi-Industry Audience

This Summit brings together a focused, senior audience in an intimate setting to foster high value collaborations and discussions. Convening retail, CPGs, payers, providers and more in interactive sessions and dedicated networking breaks, this Summit will harness the power of multi stakeholder collaboration both on- and off-stage.

“These forums are vital. We have very big challenges to address and overcome, and I am looking forward to a robust, respectful exchange of ideas.”

Antonio Tataranni, CMO, PepsiCo

“I am looking forward to participating and hearing how companies and organizations are addressing this critical topic. No one organization can act alone, but rather with our collective efforts we can start to create real change for the improvement of public health.”

Joy Dubost, Head of Nutrition & Health, North America, Unilever

“At Kroger, we believe what we eat can have a positive impact on our health. The question is — how can we make the healthful choice the simple and convenient choice, with taste at the forefront? How can we scale these solutions to help all people of all backgrounds live healthier lives? I’m looking forward to discussing these topics and more at the Food as Medicine Summit.”

Taylor Newman, Director of Nutrition, Kroger

Speaker Faculty to be Announced ...

Our Mission

The Food as Medicine Summit is designed to bring together key senior stakeholders from the food and beverage and healthcare industry to discuss the key challenges we still need to overcome.

Focusing on moving from research to action, these discussions will deep dive into how we can move from research to action, scale Food as Medicine through partnerships, and advance Food as Medicine approaches and programs. 

The Food as Medicine Summit provides a meeting point for leaders from CPGs, retail, payers and providers from across the US, plus innovative food companies, investors, and nonprofits to collaborate and tackle these issues together.

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Our Mission


With an event designed to answer the most significant questions in Food as Medicine, it is essential that we provide our audience with the leading experts and best solutions to help progress this fascinating industry forward. With an audience made up of senior-level executives from across top CPGs, large and small brands, payers, and providers, The 2023 Food as Medicine Summit offers a fantastic opportunity to showcase your capabilities and position your company as the partner of choice with the leading thinkers within both Food & Beverage and Healthcare.

If you are interested in exploring commercial partnerships at this year’s event, please contact our commercial manager, Tom Wells ( to discuss how we can best position your business or solution at the Summit.

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