Food As Medicine Summit: Agenda

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Conference Day 1

  • Tuesday, May 25th
Tuesday, May 25th
8:00am ET

Conference Platform Opens

The conference platform opens before the agenda starts, giving you time to plug the presentations, panels, and discussions into your agenda for the rest of the day. This also gives you plenty of time to get familiar with the platform.

9:00am ET

Chair’s Opening Remarks & Setting then Scene

Linda Shiue, Physician & Director of Culinary Medicine, Kaiser Permanente 

9:10am ET

Keynote Presentation: Food as Medicine: Innovations for Health, Wealth, and Equity 

“Food is Medicine” encompasses the twin concepts that what we eat is foundational to our health, well-being, and the prevention and treatment of disease; and that health policies must therefore prioritize food and nutrition, in particular within the healthcare system.

Dariush Mozaffarian, Dean, Tufts Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy


Wellness Break

9:45am - 10:40am ET

Keynote Panel Discussion: What is Food as Medicine and Who Needs to Know About It? 

With such a variety of interest and success in this movement, it is vital that we come together to define what Food as Medicine really means and the common obstacles each party faces. Join leading figures from across this field to tackle the key questions in Food as Medicine and set the stage for the rest of the Summit.

  • What is Food as Medicine, and how do the definitions differ between different stakeholders?
  • What are the key pieces of research and commercial developments responsible for the recent boom in interest in Food as Medicine?
  • What is the main obstacle in the way of Food as Medicine becoming a huge industry, and what are the unique challenges for food as a preventative medicine vs as a treatment for severe illness?
  • How can we identify the best populations to target for both prevention and treatment: should we only be looking at those with the greatest potential for therapeutic impact?
  • What can we hope to achieve by bringing together multiple stakeholders across Food as Medicine?

Dariush Mozaffarian, Dean, Tufts Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy

David Waters, Chief Executive Officer, Community Servings

Don Barnett, CEO, Sunbasket

William Li, President & CEO, The Angiogenesis Foundation

Josh Stevens, President, DayTwo

Moderated by: Eileen Howard BooneSVP of Corporate Social Responsibility & Philanthropy and Chief Sustainability Officer| President, CVS Health | CVS Health and Aetna Foundations

10:40am ET

Morning Extended Wellness Break

10:50am ET

Fireside Chat with Open Q&A: The Future of Precision Nutrition – Going Beyond Genes and Personalization

Naveen Jain, Founder & CEO, Viome


Wellness Break

11:35am ET

Presentation with Q&A: Evidence to Support Medically Tailored Meals

  • Explore the origins and definition of the medically-tailored meals model, along with MTM Nutrition Standards
  • Discuss the research in the MTM space, including completed studies demonstrating better health outcomes, lower cost and quick ROI, and upcoming studiesA
  • A look at the Medicaid/Medicare partnerships and successes, innovative approaches to systems and national policy, and opportunity for growth

Alissa Wassung,  Senior Director of Policy & Planning | Policy Committee Chair, God’s Love We Deliver | Food is Medicine Coalition

David Waters, Chief Executive Officer, Community Servings

12:20pm ET

Wellness Break

12:25pm - 1:15pm ET

Panel Discussion with Open Q&A: Should There Be An Agreed Level of Evidence in Food as Medicine? 

Gathering evidence that clearly demonstrates the benefits of food as medicine interventions on consumer health, patient outcomes, and health care costs is of paramount importance to all stakeholders in this field, for a multitude of different reasons. How should we be using the evidence we already have, and where should we be focusing our efforts in research across the Food as Medicine movement?

  • Where are the main gaps in the research, and what current studies and potential future findings will have the biggest impact?
  • What evidence is required to implement large scale reimbursement?
  • How important is the backing of scientific organizations, such as the ADA and FDA, to consumer brands and other stakeholders in the space?
  • Should there be a standardized level of evidence in this space, and what are the potential roadblocks to achieving this?
  • Are outcomes more important than evidence?

Katie Garfield, Clinical InstructorCenter for Health Law & Policy Innovation of Harvard Law School 

Kristin Rising, MD MS, Associate Professor & Director of Acute Care Transitions in the Department of Emergency Medicine, Director of the Jefferson Center for Connected Care, Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals

Jaclyn Albin, Assistant Professor|Executive Director, Culinary Medicine Program, UT Southwestern Medical Center

Katie Ward, Associate Vice President Clinical Integration & Outcomes, ProMedica

Moderated by: Yi Sherry Zhang, Ph.D., Founder & CEO, GenoPalate

1:15pm ET


Building A Food as Medicine Industry

2:00pm ET

Presentation: Improving Outcomes: A Path to Metabolic Disease Remission with Precision Nutrition

Microbiome-based Precision Nutrition is changing the game when it comes to treating diabetes and other metabolic diseases. By using gut microbiome analysis, machine learning and dedicated dietitian support, precision nutrition is enabling a path to remission. In fact, it’s proven to be 2X more effective than traditional interventions. This presentation will go through the founding science which proved that each individual has a unique blood glucose response to food. Plus, how the combination of microbiome biomarkers, machine learning and dedicated dietitian support is helping to improve energy, sleep quality and stress.

What you’ll learn:

  • 10 years of science behind highest fidelity microbiome insights
  • The role of blood sugar in chronic conditions
  • How precision nutrition delivers a step change in engagement rates
  • What are AI-based, Food Prescriptions™
  • The importance of enabling individualized-care at scale
  • Why consolidation is critical to changing health outcomes

Josh Stevens, President, DayTwo

2:25pm ET

Wellness Break

2:30pm ET

Presentation: How Gene Editing Can Help us All to Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Tom Adams, CEO, Pairwise


Wellness Break

3:00pm ET

Presentation: Fresh Food Farmacy

Allison Hess, VP, Health Innovation, Geisinger

3:25pm ET

Afternoon Extended Wellness Break

3:40pm ET

Presentation: Evidence, Policy, Partnerships – Moving Food As Medicine Forward

Mom’s Meals is a mission-driven organization that believes that better health should be accessible to all and begins with the very meals we eat.  Over the past 21 years, Mom’s Meals has grown from delivering meals in Iowa to providing fully prepared, condition-appropriate, refrigerated meals direct to the homes of Medicaid and Medicare beneficiaries and others in all 50 states.  To continue to move food as medicine forward, Mom’s Meals will describe key efforts, including:

  • Contributing to a strong evidence-base through our partnerships with academic research centers and innovative health plans and publishing or sharing data as broadly as possible.  Outcomes from key studies will be shared.
  • Advocating for Federal and state nutrition-related policies to ensure more people have access to nutritious food.  Current policy priorities will be discussed.
  • Partnering with aligned organizations to share data, collaborate on innovative opportunities, and join together on policy initiatives where more voices can have a greater impact.  Key partnerships will be highlighted.

Catherine Macpherson, VP, Product Strategy and Development & Chief Nutrition Officer, Mom’s Meals

4:05pm ET

Wellness Break

4:10pm ET

Presentation: Supporting Veggie-Forward Early Palate Development and Making Nutrition a Top Priority

Betsy Fore, Co-CEO & Co-Founder, Tiny Organics


Wellness Break

4:40pm - 5:40pm ET

Panel Discussion with Open Q&A: How and Why Should We Transition to a Food as Medicine Approach?

With many household-name companies starting to see the benefit of incorporating Food as Medicine approaches, it is unsurprising that there is a lot to learn and many questions to be asked. Join newcomers and trailblazers to assess the best way to adopt such approaches, discuss the lessons learned from previous endeavors, and really learn why it is that so many companies are starting to take notice of this emerging industry.

  • What are the consumer needs that can be addressed by incorporating a Food as Medicine approach, and how have consumer demands changed over the last 12 months?
  • What lessons have we learned from other large consumer brands and organizations paving the way in Food as Medicine?
  • What benefit could the adoption of Food as Medicine policies by large consumer brands have for the brand, and for the movement as a whole?
  • What are the key considerations when adopting a Food as Medicine approach?
  • How should we apply scientific rigor whilst still making products and services attractive to consumers and encouraging adherence?

John Bulger, Chief Medical Officer Insurance Operations and Strategic Partnerships, Geisinger 

Christophe Perthuisot, SVP, Global Research & Innovation, Danone

Antonio Tataranni, Chief Medical Officer, PepsiCo 

Joy Dubost, Head of Nutrition & Health, North America, Unilever

Moderated by: Daniel Price, Food as Medicine Merchandiser, Kroger Health

5:10pm ET

Close of Day 1 

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Conference Day 2

  • Wednesday, May 26th
Wednesday, May 26th
9:00am ET

Chair’s Opening Remarks

Betsy Fore, Co-CEO & Co-Founder, Tiny Organics

Changing The Mindset: Consumer, Patient, Physician

9:05am ET

Keynote Presentation: Eat For Your Genes: How Digitalized Nutrigenomics Can Transform Consumers and Patients’ Food Behaviors For Sustainable Metabolic Health 

  • Hear how single base-pair variants in your genes can impact on how an individual absorbs and metabolizes nutrients, which further interact with environmental factors such as food to influence parameters of wellness and health outcomes.
  • Discuss why implementing personalized nutrition in food and health industries is key to reversing metabolic syndrome pandemic and the science of nutrigenomics as the cornerstone of personalized nutrition.
  • Examine the science underpinning GenoPalate, including the clinical trials and nutritional and health outcomes genomics studies that allow them to produce an in-depth nutritional analysis of a large food database based on your genomic, lifestyle and other important personal nutrition data streams, and how this translates into accessible information for health care professionals and consumers.
  • Explore the potential for a digital personalized nutrition platform to engage patients and consumers at scale, and enhance adherence to treatment protocols and support long-term success in health outcomes with a data-driven approach. 

Yi Sherry Zhang, Ph.D., Founder & CEO, GenoPalate

9:35am ET

Wellness Break

9:40 - 10:30am ET

Panel Discussion with Open Q&A: Changing Behaviour: Where Do We Start?

One common challenge truly uniting all stakeholders in the space is this: the success of the Food as Medicine approach is determined by adoption of that approach by its target audience, whether that audience consists of physicians, patients or consumers. Bringing together leading representatives of each perspective, this panel discussion examines how we can work to change the mindset around Food as Medicine to drive long-term success.

  • With B2B and B2C both valid routes to market for many companies in this space, how important is changing the mindset of the target market to success?
  • How do you articulate the benefit and convey key information related to Food as Medicine in an effective way to consumers?
  • What are the main incentives that can be utilised to change consumer behaviour and adherence?
  • How will increased nutrition training for physicians impact both the treatment and prevention sides of the Food as Medicine movement?

Deepa Krishnan, Founder & CEO, Spoonful

Lindsay Hanson, Head of Behavioral Insurance, Global Strategy and Delivery, Manulife and John Hancock Insurance

Linda Shiue, Physician & Director of Culinary Medicine, Kaiser Permanente 

Ernest Baskin, Food Marketing Professor, St. Joseph’s University

Susan Bratton, Founder & CEO, Savor Health

10:30am ET

Morning Extended Wellness Break

11:00am ET

Presentation: Personalized Nutrition: Telenutrition in the Retail Grocery Lens

  • Explore Kroger’s Telenutrition program, where e-commerce and two-way video chat allow anyone to experience personalized medical nutrition therapy from Registered Dietitians and true grocery experts, all from the comfort of home
  • A look at the rationale behind the development of the program, the success so far, and how Registered Dietitians are able to facilitate shoppers using their grocery cart to empower their health
  • Review how Kroger puts Food as Medicine at the forefront through dietitian thought leadership framing the grocery store as a food playground, from the OptUP nutrition rating system to expert nutrition content

Bridget Wojciak, Director of Nutrition, Kroger

11:25am ET

Wellness Break

11:30am ET

Presentation: Increasing Adherence To Restricted Diets

  • With an estimated 90% of Americans eat more sodium and less vegetables, fruits, whole grains and healthy fats than recommended, hear how Performance Kitchen are ensuring that busy 21st century schedules don’t sacrifice consumer health
  • A look at the wide selection of nutritious, fresh frozen meals available for a number of eating approaches, such as Keto, Mediterranean and Whole 30, and health conditions, such as IBS, Chronic Kidney Disease and even Maternity Health
  • Discuss how Performance Kitchen are making nutrition a consumer-focused medicine, by offering a huge variety of personalization to encourage adherence

Robert Graham, Doctor & Founder | Chef & Medical Advisor, FRESH Med NYC | Performance Kitchen

11:55am ET

Wellness Break

12:00pm-12:50pm ET

Panel Discussion with Open Q&A: What Change Is Needed To Move This Movement Forward?

After 2 days of discussions, we bring together leaders from the different sectors of this emerging industry to discuss where we need to focus our efforts in the coming months to progress us into the mainstream. Examining the whole movement under the microscope, this is your last chance to ask your burning questions on all things Food as Medicine.

  • How do we need to work together to advance the Food as Medicine movement?
  • How can each stakeholder help to address the growing issues fueling Food as Medicine?
  • What have we learnt across the 2 days that will impact our work moving forward?
  • How kind of partnerships do we need to develop to drive progress and change?
  • With so many major developments on the horizon, what can we expect to be discussing at the Food as Medicine Summit 2022?

Deepa Prasad, Managing Director, WestRiver Group

Robert Hill JrVice President of Health StrategiesAmerican Heart Association

Philipp Schulte, CEOBaze Labs

Jacob Mirsky, Medical Director | Primary Care PhysicianMGH Revere Food Pantry | Massachusetts General Hospital

Ebenezer Satyaraj, Director, Molecular NutritionNestlé

Victor Chapela, Co-Founder & CEO, Suggestic

1:00pm ET

Close of the Food As Medicine Summit

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